green roofing a perfect home solution for michigan homeowners

Why Green Roofing a Perfect home roof Solution?

Seeing you people here today to share some very important knowledge with some tips and tricks regarding how to take care of your green roofing and answering all the questions which concerns you the most. Well for maintenance its not a rocket science, but still you have to keep an eye on your pretty perfect green roofing. Keen observation will make you more efficient to do some timely maintenance to avoid any fuss. Its true that green roofing requires a lot of timely care and maintenance, but if you have some knowledge already then it won’t be difficult for you guys at all.

We are always here for our clients to make sure that they get the perfect idea of roofing before getting it. Green roofing is considered to be a top choice for many of the customers due to its ravishing look and refreshing feel and of course environment friendly advantages. Along with that who does not want to grow some vegetables of their own, as in 21st centaury houses are becoming small and very less people are fortunate enough to have their own garden in which they grow some vegetables of their own choice. So for this purpose green roofing is introduced in the market and getting good reviews already!

Now in this blog am going to clear some frequently askedquestions which are already making confusing for you people.

  • Can you put green roofing on already existing house?

Well the answer is yes. You can make your very own green roofing by some professional on your already built house. You must be glad after knowing that. By this I might guess I solved your confusion. Don’t you think?

  • Why would anyone want a green roofing?

The answer is quiet simple. Because its quiet beneficial for the people who are going through some stress related stuff in their lives and green colour or nature is considered to be answer for that. Green roofing is quiet appealing for the mother nature as well as for humans and for wildlife as well. Who doesn’t want that? Green roofing another amazing benefit is that it absorb rain water as well proving insulation and a natural habitat for wildlife. It makes the temperature around and in your houses much cooler. And lastly you can grow your own vegetables easily.

  • How long does green roofs last?

You will be amazed by the answer I am going to give you. The life span of green roofing lies somewhere between 30 to 50 years. However, a modern green roof can extend the life of a roof by two or three times beyond its typical life span.

  • How are roofs made?

Green roofs are typical lies between 1 to 4 inches in thickness. They are manufactured layers that supports your vegetation system and support the plants that you grow. This includes water proofing, a root protection barrier, growing medium, a drainage layer and plants (as per your choice).

  • What plants can we grow on green roofing?

You can grow or plant as many types of plants as you want but keeping in mind that you don’t exceed the weight limit provided to you by the roofing company. It sounds a bit concerning but experience will make you understand gradually. Our suggestion is try to plant/grow small plants.

  • Is the maintenance really difficult?

This is the most concerning question by most of the homeowner’s who want green roofing.Maintenance requires watering the plants and weeding every once in a while and as time passes you will need weeding once in a year depends on what type of plants you have on your roof. It may need fertilizers as well.

  • What makes the roof waterproof?

Well water proofing is the must requirement. A roofing company will do it for you or the third party as it’s one of the major step while roofing.  The water proofing materials includes thermosetting, thermoplastic and asphalt based.Proper cohesive layering is very important so it won’t stick to anyone’s shoes… major check.

  • Is it true that green roof does make contribution in saving energy?

The answer is YES. Green roofs does make you save your electricity bills as it keeps the temperature moderate inside the house so you won’t be needing any extra efforts to keep your house cool. And by keeping the temperature cool you won’t be needing any extra electric appliances and AC for the long run.


  • Pros includes:
  • Saving electricity bills.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Long life/ durable.
  • Less utility bills.
  • Cons includes:
  • High cost as compared to normal roofing.
  • Heavier weight may includes additional structural cost.


While reading this blog if you think you got a confusion or questions related to roofing guide, you can contact us a professional and local roofer based in michigan or message us under this post.

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