Why GAF Roofing Shingles Are Recommended by Roofing Contractors

Why GAF Roofing Shingles Are Recommended by Roofing Contractors

GAF shingles can be utilized for a wide range of roof installation, repair, and replacement in the Michigan area. This is why GAF roofing shingles are recommended by roofing contractors. In contrast to many other contractors, honest roofing contractors won’t ever compromise or utilize modest roofing materials for their ventures. With this, you can have confidence that your home or business is in acceptable hands. That being said, here is why roofing contractors pick GAF shingles as the best roofing shingles in Michigan. 


1. Durability 

Out of all the roof shingles, since the advancement in roofing frameworks has appeared GAF Timberline shingles have shown to be the most grounded and generally durable. The innovative layering technology behind these fibreglass asphalt roof shingles makes them dependable and enduring, yet additionally staggeringly powerful against a wide range of weather including hail, snow, fire, and high-speed twists even up to 130 mph. GAF shingles likewise remain secured to your private roof significantly longer than other shingle brands do, on account of the tight-seal Dura Grip Adhesive. 

2. Eco-Friendly 

Another thing that makes GAF roofing the best of its sort is that its shingles are made utilizing Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, which eliminates natural asset utilization while conveying the ideal equilibrium between weight and execution. GAF Advanced Protection shingles make use of less asphalt than the common shingles and make up less landfill litter when their long life expectancy is up. Furthermore, GAF asphalt roof shingles can be recycled and used for roads. Therefore choosing to make use of GAF roofing shingles is a good idea. They can always be useful even after disposing of them.

4. Warrantied 

Toward the day’s end, all of the best roofing companies and roofing contractors will offer warranties on the roofing materials they use. GAF offers a Lifetime ltd. guarantee when you have any GAF Lifetime Shingle and three adornments introduced. Keen on checking whether your new roof meets all requirements for a guarantee with Smart Choice Protection? Contact the right roofing contractors in your area to discuss roofing warranties before making any investment. 

5. Versatility 

As well as having unrivaled durability, GAF shingles likewise come in many various colors and styles that look extraordinary on any business or private roof. These roof shingles are accessible in a scope of various colors, including:

  • Amber Wheat
  • Appalachian Sky
  • Cedar Falls
  • Golden Harvest
  • Midnight Blush
  • and many other beautiful Earth tones

You can request that your roofing contractor educate you regarding all of the GAF Timberline shingle colors that are accessible on the lookout.


Since you know why GAF roofing shingles are recommended by roofing contractors in Michigan prepare to upgrade your roof with GAF shingles. Note that some dependable roofing contractors offer free roof inspections to decide the state of your present roof and give personalized recommendations to your roof. Check that your roofing contractor is licensed. You can ask for recommendations from friends, family or colleagues. It will help you make the right choice without any mistakes.