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What roofing material we should opt for in Michigan?

Finding a perfect roof is not an easy decision for the residential of Michigan State. New roofing involves a lot of investment, so the selection of roofing material is very important. Roofing material should be energy efficient and cost savvy as well. Moreover, the design and looks of the material also play a part in the customer choices. In Michigan state two roofing material is used in the homes which are metal and Asphalt.

Asphalt vs. metal

Asphalt and metals are both good materials and used quite frequently in the Michigan state, but both of the material has their own benefit and pitfalls as well.


Asphalt roofs are one of the best choices for the customer because they are durable and of less costly as well. The Asphalt material is the best choice of the market because it is available in the large variety and in different designs as well. The best part of the Asphalt material is the adoption of weather because it generate heat during the winter season. Furthermore, the excellence of material do not allow the unnecessary sounds to enter in the house and makes the home quiet. It is the best part of the customer decision because it is not very expensive and available in many designs in the Market.

Besides the number of benefits, it has certain disadvantages as well, which need to be known by the customer to select the roofing material. Firstly, it lasts for 12 to 20 years which is good enough but not sufficient as compared to the metal which lasts for almost 50 years. Secondly, it is not a high wind resistant material and not a suitable option for the consumer due to the environment of the Michigan state.


Metal is another most frequently used material in the customer choices. Metal is quite famous in the market due to its durability. It can survive in the tough winter conditions and lasts for 60 to 70 years. Metal is very energy efficient and makes the home cool in summer, and generate heat in the winter season. The distinctive quality of the material is its lightweight, and the customer can easily reroof the house in case of any damage in the previous roofing sheet. Besides the variety of advantages, the high cost is major disadvantage of this material. Although, metal is highly durable as compare to the other materials but its high rates make a choice difficult for the average customer. The metal material is not available in variety of designs as compared the to the Asphalt material. It is only available in solid colors and customer to have to take the decision from limited designs.

On the whole, both Asphalt and metal are reliable and good enough choices for the customers. In Michigan State, the metal and asphalt are frequently used material due to their quality and durability. The main feature of both materials is the best use of energy, because both of them are energy efficient.

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