What Roofing Contractors Near Me Wyandotte MI. Do After a Heavy Storm

What Roofing Contractors Near Me Wyandotte MI. Do After a Heavy Storm

Storm season comes along with many challenges. Every qualified roofer in the roofing industry should know what roofing contractors near me Wyandotte MI. do after a heavy storm. First, before going out to check on the exterior of your home, homeowners should ensure that the storm is over. Keep away from fallen power lines, electric dangers, and flooding. If possible, ensure that you keep away from danger and call 911. However, hiring a qualified roofer to help you check out for any potential damage is standard. Here are other ways local roofers would help out after a storm.


How Roofing Contractor Near Me Wyandotte. MI Help Out After a Bad Storm

Only professional and experienced local roofing contractors near me Wyandotte MI. can handle the case of an after-storm inspection. Here are some vital checks that should be carried out on your roof after a hail, wind, or water storm.

Check for Signs of Roof Damage from Hail Storm

Damages from hail storms are easy to detect. When hail hits your roofs and windows, you will see ice pellets on the ground. It may damage your siding or windows. Hail can also dent your roof and tear the shingles. A hail storm could lead to missing, damaged shingles or buildup (loose asphalt granules) in gutters and your downspouts. 

Check for Signs of Wind Damage

High wind can knock down trees, damage roofs, and shatter your windows. The roof deck or underlayment could be exposed to the elements when shingles are blown away. This leaves your home in danger of leaks and other water damage. After a heavy windstorm has subsided, immediately check your roof exterior for cracked, missing, or curled shingles; granules building up in the gutter; rotten or mold; tears or surface wrinkles. Other areas to check to include loose cement on your roofing cement; buckling flashing; check the gutter for rot, rust, rot or dented sections. 

Check Signs of Water Damage

The effects of water damage are not easy to detect, like damage from hail and wind. Hidden water damage and leaks can affect your home’s structure and foundation. Here are some fundamental spots to check for signs of damage after a water storm. 

  • Check your ceiling for water spots and any discoloration (brown, yellow or copper color)
  • Inspect your walls for peeling, bubbling, or cracking.
  • Inspect your gutter for water buildup
  • Carefully inspect your flooring. Check for curling or gaps in the floorboard.
  • The attic, and basement, should be checked for mold growth, wood rot or musty smell. 
  • Check window panes for moisture buildup.
  • Roof for cracked, curled or missing shingles

What to Do After Detecting Damages from Storm

Once you detect any damage signs, immediately contact your homeowner’s insurance. Also, contact a reliable local roofer to repair your roof. Here are some of the things you need to do after detecting the damages from a storm:

  • Document the damaged areas – interior or exterior.
  • Cover up any area that could lead to potential hazards.
  • Submit your claim to your insurance company. This should be done without delay. Report the damages to your insurance company before it becomes late.
  • Schedule a meeting with an insurance adjuster.
  • Contact a reliable roofer in your locality.
  • Start replacement or repair where necessary.


Depending on the damage done on your roof, roofing contractors near me Wyandotte MI., will either suggest you make a repair or replacement. You will need to approve the roofer’s estimate, and the damages will be worked on. Do not delay any damage or sign of damage you discovered after a storm. Call in a local roof inspector to carry out an inspection immediately after a bad storm.