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What Inspections means for your Roof? Free Inspection in Farmington MI

The roof of your house is the shield. It takes the most damage from the weather and protects your house. While the roof is durable and lasts long, it is essential to keep its maintenance a priority. Semi-annual checks should be mandatory but checks after storms are essential too. Your naked eye cannot catch the issues a professional trained roofer can. The underlying weakness of your roof is not visible to the naked eye. It is recommended to get professional inspections done twice a year to fix any underlying damages.

While you may be new at getting the inspection done, here are a few things to expect during an inspection of a professional roofer:


Interior Inspections of your house:

The roofer will start off by inspecting the interior part of your house; the inside. Expect them to be looking for visible signs, like damp ceilings, light flow, ventilation and insulation issues in your attic. They will also be looking for any paint peel offs, mold and leakages. They will check for proper insulation on your roof since poor insulation can cause snow to melt on the roof leading to leakages.

Exterior inspection of the roof:

After a detailed interior inspection, the inspector will proceed to inspect the exterior. Since it’s dangerous to be walking on a damaged roof, let the inspector who is trained to do that. They will look for immediate signs first like cracks, broken shingles, dents, damaged flashings, loose granules and the condition of the chimney. These areas are the most likely to be damaged ones through which leaks are formed. Roofers will check for cracks in the flashing to be repaired. Flashings usually don’t last as long as the roof so these are more vulnerable and would require repair. Then they will look for damaged shingles if they are curled up, missing or cracked. Damaged or missing shingles will need to be replaced immediately since they will become the source of leakage. The inspector will also be checking out the gutters for any cracks and for loose granules to ensure they are not piling up and shingles are still in good shape. Moisture and mold are also a damage that would be looked out for. Mold weakens the shingles and causes leakage.

Report of the roof inspection:

Once the inspection is done and the inspector is satisfied and has gone through their checklist, they will compile a report and send it to you with an estimate of the work required to overcome the damages. A detailed estimate will be shared of how much it will cost. It’s a wise decision to get the work done to avoid any bigger damage in the long run since roof replacement is a huge investment.

Getting regular inspections ensures your roof is in the best condition and its life stays long. You should get a reliable roofer to do your inspection and carry out the repair work as well.

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Get inspection from Reliable Roofing company in Farrmington MI

It is very important that you understand the roofer’s detailed estimate before you start. Every roofing company has their own way of sharing the estimates but here are a few things homeowners should be expecting in their estimates:

Proof of license and insurance of a roofing company

A contractor with license and insurance ensures they are qualified to do the job and rids you of any liabilities of injuries or damages. A reputable roofing company is always more than happy to provide these proofs. Always look for these documentations when you hire a roofing company.

List of materials to be used in the roofing project

The estimate should have a detailed list of materials that are suitable for your roof with their breakdown and options as well where possible. You should discuss your options with them about colors or types of materials if you already have some in mind. A detailed list will help you see the supplies that would be going up on your roof. This will also help if you want to switch certain items out to decrease the cost or increase the quality. You can always discuss with your roofing company for other options and have them adjusted before you start the project.

Total cost of labor and materials to be used in the roofing project.

The estimate should have the costs of not only the materials used but also of the labor utilized with a detailed breakdown of all the costs to be incurred on your roof. Do not forget the costs of permits and make sure to have them discussed and added so you don’t have any off the budget charges ready for later. The estimate should also clearly state any payment terms and periods so that everything is clear. Be clear and workout with your roofing company on these terms mutually. You should also have the terms for add on changes and repairs mentioned along with maintenance and warranty terms.

Scope of the roofing project and deliverable

Your estimate should also have the scope of work written out in detail for you. Each step mentions what to expect when. Each deliverable should be mentioned so you know what stage of the roofing project are they at and when. It should have a start date and completion date with all the milestones mentioned so you can keep track too. This also includes when and how much labor will be used or the repairs that would be carried out. Sometime post-installation cleanup is not included so make sure you ask them and have it included. This is an important part that you should have written to avoid any hassle later.

A professional roofing company will have it all covered for you. Just give us a call and you’ll have all your roofing needs taken care of. Twelve oaks Roofing based in Farmington MI provides you with a detailed estimate making your life all the more easier.

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