roof repair in farmington hill michigan

What Farmington Hill homeowners should look for their Roofing issues?

Many homeowners in Michigan often wait for the roof leak to repair and then go for roof repairs and installation which increases the cost due to extensive damage done. A high quality roof is an important part of your roof appearance and function. 

Your roof will be one of your house’s most visible features, accounting for around 25% of what is seen. With this in mind, the shape and style of your roof will be influenced by three main factors: the planners, your budget, and how you will be using the space under your roof.

When you are considering what type of roof is best for you, here are some key points to consider.

Style – It’s worth deciding and letting your package company or architect know if you have a specific look or finish in mind, as they will suggest roofing materials for you. Remember that planners may insist that your design and roof covering reflects the local style, for example, the century old trend for stone roofs in the Cotswolds. Be prepared to compromise if you are building a roof in an area like this.

Construction method – There two most common methods of building a roof are by using either ‘cut’ or ‘truss’ roof timbers. With the ‘truss’ system, the structure is made to your specifications off site, and arrive ready-made, making them quick to erect. However, whilst these are quick and cheap, they are only good for use with simple shaped roofs. The ‘cut’ system is where timbers are set up onsite, and are custom made. Cut roofs are ideal for dealing with more complicated shapes and details, and can provide important internal design features. However, the complicated nature of the ‘cut’ system makes it more expensive and time consuming.

Functionality – What you’re planning to do with your attic space will have a significant impact on how your build your roof. Traditionally, builders will use a truss construction, which is cheap to produce, but means that the roof can only be used for storage space. For those who want to convert their loft in the future, a better option is the attic or raised-tie truss, both of which are designed to provide useable space. These usually require a steeper pitched roof, so it’s best to discuss this with planners.

Roofing materials – Remember that different roofing materials require different pitches. Recyclable interlocking plastic tiles are ideal for use in roofs that require shallow pitches, giving them the advantage over traditional tiles. Less tiles need to be used per metre squared, and an excellent coverage is given.

At Twelve oaks Roofing, we strive to satisfy our residential roofing customers with a high-quality, finished product that will last for years! Our experienced team is professional and is ready to solve any type of roofing problem, including decking, ponding water, cave-ins and more.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring roof problems until it’s too late!

Always repair roof leaks in dry weather to ensure the best possible repair and to protect you from injury. Start repairing the leaks on the roof panels. If possible, remove the roof element and carefully remove old roof cement and tar. Clean dirt and debris and remove excess water with a cloth or mop. You can now refit the roof element and reapply roof cement around this element. You should overlap the cement from the roofing material to the roof element a few inches to ensure a good seal.

Do you know what cause Roof leak?

  • Weathering.
  • Storm winds.
  • Lack of inspection and maintenance.
  • Flashing material.

If your shingles are becoming old enough to require a replacement, so is your underlayment: underlayment is a layer underneath your shingles. Also, because your roofing is older, the underlayment would presumably be felt material that is not nearly as sturdy as the new synthetic materials.

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