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What Causes Roof leaks in Canton MI? Free Consultation

Roof leakages are becoming a common issue in regards to compromising the housing quality, which in turn leads to struggles regarding using the house, deteriorating the structure of the building as well as compromising the infrastructure of the building and shortening of the service life of the building. For many roof leaking are the deadliest words of the vocabulary as once it enters your building the damage and destruction at times become beyond repairing, since the initial cause of the damage becomes difficult to be identified.

A number of times many of the homeowners tend to ignore this problem and decide to rather focus on other maintenance required in the building. This is where the problem starts! It is very important to deal with the leak right away if you are to save some money in your pocket. The temptation to fight off the leak repair can lead to “consequential damage” which are not covered by any roofing system warranty therefore costing you way more than you could have spent on maintain the roofing system from the beginning.

What causes roof leakage?

One small drip and you know you are in for a big trouble as no one wants have a bucket lying around everywhere every time it rains. Even a small leak means a large amount time and investment. There are a number of factors that can lead to roof leakage such as the following:

  1. Age: expansion and contraction in the shingles keeps taking place with time and changes in the temperature. The older the roofing materials become the more they are prone to being damaged and cracked up easily. The tar that is used to hold the composition shingles can melt with harsh rays of sunlight with the passage of time.
  2. Brick Chimney: Mortar keeps the bricks bind together of the brick chimney. It is a mixture of water, sand and cement. While the brick chimneys may seem indestructible, this hardworking mixture when exposed to harsh weather can erode. One should always keep an eye out around the mud cap on top of the chimney, any holes near the mortared joints where the chimney connects will show that the erosion is taking. In some cases, it might just be sufficient to find out the source of the leak and replace the damaged mortar. It may sound simple and easy however, the materials used for chimney repair are different than the ones used in repairing the roofs hence it is required for the home owners to hire professionals to carry out this task for you!
  3. Flashing: one of the very common problem on the roof is compromised flashing. They are thin strips of metal installed under shingles in order to protect the danger points of leaks, this creates water resistant barrier. For a chimney, they are attached to both the roofing material and brick chimney bent at an angle of 90 degrees. These are attached with the help of tar to be sealed which can corrode over time. Weather conditions like rain, wind and snow can cause cracks in the flashing. A professional roofing company will be the best choice to locate the source of leak and repair the flashing as required.
  4. Broken shingles: a number of times you might find shingles lying around in your garden or backyard, one might think to overlook this but this is a sign that during the next rain storm water will be dripping inside your house. Alternatively, you can spot a missing shingle by finding different color of patches on the roof. This may normally take place dui to strong winds and consistent raining. Quite often it is difficult to find the right shade of shingles to replace the broken one, but if the right roofing company is chosen this sure will not be impossible to achieve.
  5. Vent Boot: roof vents are close relatives of flashing. They are small pipes fabricated from rubber sticking out of the top of the roof. They work hands in hand with flashing to avoid extra built up of moisture inside the house. A crack might be caused in vent booting due to the decay of flashing leading to the roof being leaked. As the vent boots can be of any types of materials such as plastic, metal, rubber or any combination, so they must be carefully replaced in order to install the new one, as the combination of the material can be tricky to handle therefore it will require the assistance of the professionals.
  6. Complex roof architecture: your roof styles maybe a showstopper for many, however if he valleys and slopes are not sealed together properly you are at a risk of calling the trouble. As soon as you will have a rainy day the water the water will get inside as it runs through the roof. Installing a complex roof structure along with a proper leak barrier is definitely a job of an expert! In extreme weather conditions like snowing the contractor can install heating cables in order clear off the edges of the roof.
  7. Clogged gutters: there is a possibility that many of you have gummed up gutters stopping the flow of water away from the roof and foundation, this can be a call for trouble. This can easily be solved by professional gutter cleaning services that can range from $100 to $300.
  8. Skylights: improperly installed skylights can be a major cause of leak. Water can leak through the rubber seal which may be due to poorly fitted skylight or worn out rubber. It is easy to figure out a leak due to skylight by checking the flashing around the skylight for any cracks. It is important to ensure that the skylight is installed with a proper pitch. Any cracks in the flashing around the skylights or missing or cracked shingles. Skylight will have to be repaired or installed by a professional. Similarly, the rubber seal around the skylight if dried out also needs to be professionally repaired. The replacement or re installation of the skylight costs around $1250 to $2500.
  9. Ice Dam Buildup: ice that is formed on the edge of roof prevents the snow from melting and draining off. The weight of the snow and the water sitting on the surface can be damaging for the roof. The property owners should always be prepared to clear off the snow from the roofs in order to prevent this from happening.
  10. Overusing: many of the homeowners may decide to venture out on their roofs, deteriorating the roofing as the roof is build up from fragile materials. It is best to avoid this. A professional roofing company should be hired in order to carry out regular maintenance of the roof rather than doing yourself as they are trained to avoid the easily damaged areas.

Hiring a local Roofing experts are the best ones to help you sort out with roof leaking issues as per your budget and climate. As they have the best knowledge and information than anyone. They will not only provide you with the above suggestions, they will also advice on the ways to maintain the roofing system.

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