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Ultimate Guide to Home Roofing for Home owners

For a house to have a strong foundation and be sturdy, the most important part of construction is unarguably the roofing. Landlords and renters alike are aware of the utmost importance of a solid roof. This is what protects the house and keeps it standing despite any harsh weather conditions in the area.

Although heavy-duty roofs are vital for the protection of a house, roof leakages and other roof issues are very common. Generally, a typical standard roof of lasts almost 20 years. Although its longevity also depends on proper care and maintenance. Without maintenance, even well-made and strong roofs have a tendency to cave in or develop leakages.

How to Recover from a Damaged roof?

How to Make the Right Decision between Repairing or Replacing Your Roof?

There are a number of reasons that can cause issues with your home roofs like roofs having leakages, being damaged or being weak enough to be a hazard to the inhabitants of the house. These reasons may include inferior building materials, improper maintenance, the roofs being old or general severe weather conditions like rain, snow and extreme heat. These issues along with proper ‘how to’ guides for your problems are discussed below.

Why your roof has leakages and how to fix them

There can be any number of reasons for a roof to develop leakages. Instead of getting a pail to stop the drip drop every time, find out why your roof is leaking and decide what needs to be done to make repairs. Some of the common causes of leakages are:

  • Cracked Flashing: One reason that your roof is leaking could be that your flashing has cracked. A flashing consists of thin bits of metal that are introduced under shingles and on the joints of your rooftop with the end goal to make a water-safe obstruction, which can be covered or uncovered. Whenever uncovered, they will look like long sheets of metal and, whenever covered, they will have a rubber treated covering over them. Broken flashing will highlight extensive breaks

How to fix it: Tar is used to seal the exposed parts of the flashing to keep it together. If the flashing was exposed then the damage would probably have been caused by strong winds or storms. Once you find the break in your flashing, pry away the old and useless desiccated, part a fix a new layer of flashing over it and the seal it with a roof sealant to ensure longevity and premium roof condition.

  • Improperly sealed valleys: A roof valley is the place where two planes of the rooftop meet together. Since these places of the rooftop are normally placed at an incline, if the valleys are not fixed together appropriately, water running down the roof can drip inside and damage the house walls and furniture. You can recognize an issue via hunting down wet spots that keep running along the creases of your rooftop. A lot of reasons are responsible for the valleys being improperly fixed for example the fixing might not have been done in the first place. In any case, it might have split while being walked on, or an overabundance of rain and ice may have made it dissolve after some time.

How to fix it: To fix this problem, you should get in contact with a professional roofer who will replace the damaged areas. Attempting fixing this problem on your own might cause further problems or the task might prove to be a difficult task.

  • Holes in the roof: Having holes in the roof or having your rooftop eroded overtime is a clear reason for rook leakage. This is very easy to detect visually. Just one look at your roof will be able to tell you of the places where it has desiccated, the severity of the problem and what steps you should take next.

How to fix it: If the holes are small and manageable you can probably fix the roof on your own by using in fillers. However, if the problem is extensive and the leakage is extremely bad, then you should contact a professional who will replace the roof with better materials.

  • Chimney Rusting: Erosion and rusting of the chimney can cause leaks and cause the water to flow into your

How to fix it:

A chimney that has rusted and become delicate to use can be used by fixing the problem areas. This can be done by replacing shingles by uprooting problematic areas or placing them under old ones.

  • Blocked Gutters: Sometimes you roof may be leaking due to blocked gutters. Clogging of the gutters with deposit of dirt and garbage along with other waste material causes the gutters to be blocked and hence the roof to drip.

How to fix it:

Fixing this problem is straightforward really. You have to fix the underlying gutter problem by getting rid of waste and making sure it isn’t clogged.

  • Cracked Booting: Rooftop vents are those things that resemble little pipes standing out of the highest point of your rooftop. They’re utilized to get rid of overabundant dampness from within the house. Breaks from this region will probably leave spots and cause dampness. Rooftop vents are frequently fixed by putting some flashing around the opening and slipping a tight, elastic boot over the zone where the pipe looks out of the rooftop. After some time, the flashing can break or the rooftop can rot which is what causes the rook to leak.

How to fix it: Break the seal and pry away the rubber from the vent. Since the boot has cracked, after prying away the old rubber, replace the boot with a new one. Put it in place by using nails. Seal it to the new flashing.

  • Old Roof: This one reason is self-explanatory. If the roof has been around for a long time and has been used too much, it is bound to develop problems. Usually, old roofs develop so many problems that trying to fix and replace individual elements can prove to be more expensive.

How to fix it:

It is advisable to contact a professional to replace your roof entirely.

Roofing materials:

Using premium quality roofing materials can make your roof last a lot longer. Given down below are the best roofing materials specifically meant to provide longevity.

Slate: Slate proves to be the most durable of all roofing materials with the best longevity lasting for almost 100 years. To make it last long, immediately replace any slate tiles that fall off.

Spanish Clay: Spanish clay is another material that proves to be quite durable and sturdy. Spanish tiles usually last long and are also very attractive. To make Spanish clay tiles last longer, avoid putting direct pressure on the roof. Avoid walking on it to prevent it from cracking.

Wood Shake Shingle Roof: These shingles are thicker and can stand the harsh weather conditions better. The can stand sunlight and UV rays. Their longevity is also impressive. They usually last for about 35 to 40 years.

Seam Metal Roof: Seam metal roofing is also a good choice. Get professionals that are experts in metal roofing. Longevity for seam metal roofs is about 30 to 50 years which is really good. Avoid putting pressure on it to prevent the metal roofing from caving or  bending or being disfigured. This will increase longevity and quality.

Wood shingle Roof:  Wood shingle roofs are another good choice. To preserve and promote longevity, don’t let moss or mustiness fester. Also replace as soon as cracks are visible. It can last up to 25 years.

Composite Shingle Roof: This is the most commonly used type of roofing which is of no surprise as it is a good material at a good price. They are cheap and although they are not very long lasting, about 15 years or so, they are easy to install. With good care, they might even go to 30 years.

Asphalt Roof:

Although not a very long-lasting material, Asphalt roofs are probably the easiest to install and can be done by yourself without getting help from a professional. It lasts about 5 to 10 years but it can last longer if treated well and kept clear of debris.


3 Things to Keep in Mind while hiring a Roofer [Save Extra Cost]

To avoid high roofing costs, try to get your roof installed with premium quality materials so as to not worry about replacing it soon. Also, inspect the conditions of your roof, attic and gutters regularly to ensure that any underlying issues might be caught before reaching a level for severity. In this way you can save roofing costs by being vigilant about the conditions. Using substandard materials may at the time be cheap, but the amount of repairs and replacements later needed will prove to be more expensive than the original cost of the roof.

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