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Simple tips to make your roof more environment friendly than ever

Nowadays everyone is concerned as to what kind of impact that they are afflicting on to environment. This has resulted in a new trend of people making their homes have less impact on environment itself. Some of the prevalent environment friendly changes of the following types are installed by people in their homes to reduce impact of their houses on environment.

  • Low flowing shower heads.
  • Use of energy efficient appliances and electrical equipment.

While the above can result in significant environment change but you can also increase this by making some changes to your roofs as well. We have gathered few of the most simple and effective changes that can be done on your roof that can make your home more eco-friendly. These changes will also assist the homeowners in using lesser energy and in turn lesser utility bills. These eco-friendly changes to your roof are as follows.

Placing water barrels:-

One simple tip that can lessen your impact on environment is placement of Water Barrels below the downspouts of roof’s eavestrough. The water can simply be collected in these barrels that can then be used for various following purposes.

  • Watering the lawn
  • Watering the garden
  • Cleaning of outdoors like garage or driveways

The water collected in these barrels can allow you to use less water from hoses to do work around the house that will result in less water bills.

Using insulation and ventilation for reducing heating costs:-

Instead of using fossil fuels and electricity for heating and cooling purposes, one can install proper insulation and ventilation systems inside their roofing systems.  This will result in not only making your house’s impact on environment more eco-friendly but also reduces your utility bills regarding power and electricity.

Daylighting your house:-

A new trend has been seen among eco-friendly people and that is the use of Daylighting. Daylighting method involves placement of Solar Reflective Tubes around every area around the house including the roof. These solar tubes will reflect the sunlight during daytime inside your house minimizing your electricity bills and making the life healthier for habitants by providing natural sunlight.

Removal of excess growth around the roofs:-

Unhygienic and unhealthy vegetation growth around the roofing areas hinders the quality air circulation along with unnecessary wear and tear of the roofing system. Poor air circulation system results in development of Hot Spots on roofs that result in aging of the roofing system and eventually damage them permanently if left untreated for a long time. All of this can be simply avoided with routine trimming of these growths around the roofing system. These trimming sessions will not only improve air circulation around the house but also results in less material being used for maintenance of the roofs while lowering the impacts on environment.

Timely maintenance of roofs:-

Proper maintenance of the roofs ensures the long life of the overall roofing system. Maintenance includes the following areas to be cleared from debris.

  • Gutters
  • Downspouts
  • Roof areas
  • Eavestrough

This timely maintenance allows homeowners to fully utilize the materials used on roofing systems that will not only lower their cost of replacing roofs but also be an eco-friendly tip by not wasting any material afterwards replacement of entire roof systems.

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