Should Homeowners Request Certificate of Insurance from Roofing Contractors Livonia Michigan

Should Homeowners Request Certificate of Insurance from Roofing Contractors Livonia Michigan

Are you a homeowner and need the services of a roofing contractor? Now, you wonder if homeowners should request certificates of insurance from the roofing contractors Livonia Michigan. Well, you are not alone in this. Note that the roof is a very important part of a house. It serves as protection against the elements (rain, snow, wind, etc.) for your families and your properties. Here are the benefits of confirming your roofer’s certificate of insurance.  


Benefits of Confirming Your Roofer’s Certificate of Insurance

1. Compliance with Law

In Michigan, you must be licensed if you operate on any roof other than your own. Also, you must have both a personal and a business license. This requirement protects the homeowners, as certain requirements and standards must be met to acquire the needed license. The ability of a roofing contractor to acquire the license shows that they are updated in their operations. Always verify the certificate of insurance from roofing contractor Livonia, Mi., and ensure it is updated. Hiring an unlicensed or uninsured one might lead to damages that are costly to fix.

2. Accidents

Ensure that your roofing contractor has liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation. This is necessary as roofing is rated high on jobs with serious accidents. A loose shingle and a strong gust of wind can cause a fall, leading to severe injuries. The injury may leave the roofer unable to work or earn an income for several months. The liability insurance protects the homeowner from taking on the medical expenses of the roofer in case of an accident. 

3. Sub-contractors and Lien Waivers

Sometimes, the roofing contractor might need to subcontract part of the work to another roofing company. If this happens, the homeowner must take proactive steps to protect their interests. Go over the terms and conditions of the agreement to validate the insurance claims of the roofing contractors and subcontractors. Be sure to get a lien waiver that absolves you of all responsibilities to pay the subcontracted company should the main roofing contractor fail to adhere to their payment agreement. Failure to follow these steps has led to many homeowners spending more than they planned because they were held liable for a payment they had already made to their roofing contractors.

4. Unexpected Damage

There have been cases where a roofing contractor accidentally caused more damage to the roof he was hired to repair. While this is uncommon, it can happen. For instance, a brick or part of a wall could fall unexpectedly. The liability insurance also covers such incidents so that the damages can be repaired, and the homeowner will be spared the burden of spending more than they bargained for. 


So, should homeowners request a certificate of insurance from roofing contractors Livonia Michigan? The resounding answer is yes. The insurance gives the homeowner a considerable measure of peace of mind. Also, it protects the homeowner from unexpected incidents that can lead to more expenses. It also shows that the roofing contractor is someone who has met all the required training and certifications needed to work on your roof. Your roof is the most crucial element of your house. So, it should be handled by a reputable roofing contractor who is licensed and insured.