Roofing Materials That Do Not Endanger the Environment in Canton Michigan

Roofing Materials That Do Not Endanger the Environment in Canton Michigan

Some people are very interested in partaking in activities and taking part in maintaining the natural environment in any way they can. If you are such a person then you can also decide to pick roofing materials and manufacturers that do not harm the environment. Luckily there are various options of eco-friendly roof materials and manufacturers to choose from according to your taste and your budget.

Consulting professional roofers in Canton Michigan on the best environment-friendly material to use is a great way to start. Their expertise will allow them to make informed judgments and decisions on which roofing materials suit the needs of your home more.

You could also decide to look up reviews and feedback from people who have used such materials before making your decision.


Eco-friendly Roofing Materials for Your Home

1. Clay Roofing Materials

Roofs made from clay are also known as Terra Cotta. They are formed from clay and water which makes them completely natural. Care must be taken when choosing the coating for clay roofs though. Some may become poisonous if they mix with any source of water.

2. Asphalt Shingles

This is a very popular option among homeowners since it’s very cost-friendly. It’s not as appealing to the eye and doesn’t last as long as some other choices but they are formed from natural materials which makes them friendly to the environment.

3. Fiber Cement

This is a good option for roofing seeing as it’s made up of cement and cellulose. Both substances can be decomposed by bacteria so pollution is successfully avoided.

4. Metal Roofing Materials

Metal can be recycled since it is capable of being processed multiple times. When you recycle metal, you reduce the necessity of having to dig for more which decreases the level of depletion of natural resources. Even if a metal roof becomes old, the material can be taken, processed, and used for other purposes over and over. The most used metals for roofs are steel and lightweight aluminium.

5. Slates

This is a natural resource that lasts long and can withstand pressure or damage. Because of its longevity, slate materials are very expensive so not everyone can afford them. It is, however, a very appealing option as a roofing material. This material is can also be decomposed and recycled which makes it safe for the environment.

6. Wood Shakes

Wood is derived from trees naturally therefore it is completely eco-friendly and doesn’t harm the environment. The wood commonly used when roofing with wood shakes is Cedar but other forms of lumber can be used as well.

7. Recycled Roofing

One of the best ways to protect the environment when selecting a material for roofing is to choose recycled materials. Recycled plastics and rubbers are efficient roofing material options that can be manufactured to look like the other roofing materials that are of much higher and better quality such as wood shakes and tiles.


When selecting the most suitable eco-friendly roof materials and manufacturers for your home, remember to choose materials that can be recycled. Stay away from materials that need to be maintained with chemicals and avoid zinc and copper coatings.