Roofing in Livonia Michigan - Roof Designs That Could Cause Roof Leakages

Roofing in Livonia Michigan: Roof Designs That Could Cause Roof Leakages

A durable roof is not determined by its beautiful look. Some roofing in Livonia Michigan is designed to trigger leakages in the home. The core duty of perfect roofing is to protect the occupants from sunlight, rain, and other natural elements. Any other designs are applied to make the house look beautiful and of a great standard. 


Roofing in Livonia Michigan: Designs That Cause Roof Leakages

Many individuals are faced with roof leakages, especially in rainy seasons. Climbing up the roof now and then is not an easy thing to do. Some of these recent roofing designs only lead to more damage to the roofing system. Therefore, here are some designs that would result in roof leakage or not properly installed by an expert. 

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Roofing System

1. Making Use of Slab Roof

Every type of roofing system is prone to leaking. However, a slab roof design is most likely to leak. If a homeowner desires to use a flat roofing system, certain points should be attended to carefully. These points include the concrete casting, drainage, air duct drilling, and the seams between the roof and the beam. These spots should be well attended to avoid sudden leakage. 

2. Sloppiness of The Roof

When the slope of a roof is not steep enough, it can lead to leakages caused by wind that blows the rain through the roof. Also, if the slope is not suitable for the roof tiles, it may malfunction in leakage protection and drainage. A standard roofing system should have a slope of 30-45 degrees. 

3. Too Many Combinations of Roof Designs

Generally, there are six standard roofing designs available which consist of the following:

  • Gable hip roof
  • Flat roof
  • Curved roof
  • Shed roof
  • Hip roof
  • Gable roof

A building may look more outstanding and magnificent when different roof designs are installed on it. However, it could be detrimental to the roofing system. This is because the seams between the roof structures are much and could cause leakage where it is least expected. Therefore, to avoid complications, it is recommended to stick to a particular roofing design. Or, roof designs should be minimized and properly installed to avoid leakage.

4. Seams and Cracks

Substandard concrete casting and steel reinforcement procedures may lead to a crack. This is why roof flashings and cement fins should be done appropriately. Standard concrete casting, aside from different steel for pulling reinforcement, can alleviate the risks of cracks and leakages issues. 

5. Weak Structure

Using substandard roofing materials may as well turn out to be a major cause of roof leakages in a roofing system. Therefore, roofers are advised to use authentic roofing materials for roofing projects. Also, homeowners should inspect materials used for their roofing projects.  


Conclusively, it is clear that some roofing designs can lead to roof leakages. Therefore, we should be careful of the type of designs for our roofing systems. Also, regular checks should be done to avoid skipping any roof repairs. A simple repair done today can save the future of the roofing system. Roofing in Livonia Michigan is not complicated if homeowners stick to the basics.