Roofing Contractors Trenton MI. Precautions for Working in Extreme Weather Conditions

Roofing Contractors Trenton MI. Precautions for Working in Extreme Weather Conditions

To carry out roofing jobs in extreme weather, one needs to be very careful in recent times. There are precautions that roofing contractors Trenton MI., need to follow for safety purposes. Wind, snow, and ice are some weather conditions that may not be appropriate for a roofer to work. Aside from other risks, a roofer could slip and fall. Also, spending long hours in the cold can affect roofers’ health. 


How Employers Manage Roofing Contractors Trenton MI. In Extreme Weather Conditions

Roofing companies or employers of roofing contractors should ensure that adequate preparation is done to guarantee the safety of roofers, especially in harsh weather conditions. If any work should be done, then the complete gear for working in bad weather conditions should be provided for workers. 

Can Roofing Projects Be Carried Out in Windy Weather?

Rooftops can be very dangerous when the wind is strong. Therefore, in windy periods, extra care should be taken. Shingles, slates, tiles, and other roofing equipment may be hard to handle when the wind speed is up to 35mph. The wind speed can be checked by using a handheld anemometer while on the rooftop.


Roofing work in extreme weather from the ground might seem safe. However, it is best not to carry out roofing projects during ice or snow. Patches of snow, ice, or frost could cause the rooftop to get slippery, which is dangerous.

Employers and roofing contractors should carry out a risk assessment on work sites. Ensure that walkways and other access points are safe for usage. Your local site conditions may not be the same as the weather forecast.

Correct Extreme Weather Clothing for Roofing Contractors

Exposing the body to extreme cold is not advised. In addition, cold hands work slower than warm hands, so the correct clothing for extreme weather should be put on.

  • Heavy shivering, severe coldness, aching, numbness, euphoria, or drowsiness are part of the symptoms of exposing your body to extreme cold. Medical attention should be requested if you experience any of these symptoms.
  • Hand-arm vibration syndrome is also triggered by cold weather. Gloves should be worn to keep the hands and arms warm when using vibratory tools such as nail guns, drills, and other kinds of hand tools. 
  • Water-resistant footwear with slip resistance should be worn to avoid falls. At the same time, visibility can be improved by wearing reflective PPE.
  • Observe plenty of breaks, especially in heated areas. Also, taking hot drinks and job rotation could prevent exposure to much cold.

Stay Updated with The Recent Weather Forecasts

Checking and getting updates about the latest weather forecast in your work area is advantageous. Know the right time to stop working if the weather is so bad. A weather app can check for regular updates and weather cautions.


Roofers should note that the Work at Height Regulations 2005 controls all other roofing work. It is stated that roofing contractors Trenton MI., should not carry out roofing projects if the weather conditions are severe and hazardous to the safety of workers.