Roofers Wyandotte Michigan Analyze Major Factors About Composite Shingles

Roofers Wyandotte Michigan Analyze Major Factors About Composite Shingles

Composite shingles are well known to be a common type of roofing material. Nevertheless, roofers Wyandotte Michigan has created more analyses on the significant facts homeowners need to know about composite shingles. Are you a fan of composite shingles? Then, see essential information about the roofing material below.


Get More Facts About Composite Shingles from Roofers Wyandotte Michigan

Do you know what composite shingles are made of? Fine. They are made out of recycled materials. However, here are three facts about this unique roofing material; recommended by roofing contractor Wyandotte Michigan

1. The Durability of Composite Shingles

Many homeowners think composite shingles are made of polymer or recycled materials; therefore, they can break easily. Fortunately, the reverse is the case. They are one of the most durable roofing materials recommended in the industry. Many have tried hitting with a hammer, and it ends up with no damage to the shingle. Composite roofing has a high impact rating. Unlike slates and cedar shakes, you can work on composite shingles without worrying about cracking. This roofing material is rated as one of the long-lasting shingles on the market. They are tough even in extreme weather conditions. 

2. Composite Shingles Are Similar to Slate and Cedar Shake

One of the most attractive properties of composite roofing shingles is that they look like cedar shake and slate. Composite shingles have an authentic look. Though they are modeled from actual slate tiles with chisel marks to show it is handcrafted. In addition, the composite cedar shake shingle has grain patterns and grooves that make it look exactly like a shake shingle. Most homeowners might not be able to tell the difference. However, an experienced roofer can quickly distinguish between a composite shingle and a shake shingle.

3. Composite Shingles Come with Good Warranties

Immediately after installing your composite shingles over your home, you will obtain two warranties. These warranties are the roofing contractor’s workmanship and manufacturer’s warranty. However, homeowners should note that workmanship warranties vary from one roofing contractor to the other. Homeowners should always look forward to getting lifetime warranties of up to 25 years or close. In addition, composite shingles come with a lifetime limited material warranty. Just like the workmanship warranty from your roofer, the length of your material warranty varies depending on the manufacturer of the composite shingles used.


Interested homeowners would love to know how long composite shingles roofs last. One thing to remember is that the composite roofing material is rated as one of the most durable roofing materials by roofers Wyandotte Michigan. However, it is good to understand the rules for making your roofing last longer than expected: maintenance and adequate servicing when needed. Your local roofer will be able to give you all these necessary rules for taking care of your composite roofing shingle after installation. Also, after extreme weather is experienced, invite your roofer to inspect to fix any damaged part of the roofing. This simple rule will keep your roof functioning for your good.