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Roof Overlay or Tear off ? What Michigan Roofers should choose?

If your home’s roof is showing any sign of dame or leak then it ,may be a costly and lengthy project to choose between roof installation or repair as you will have to go between Roof overlay or Tear off. It may become and expensive job if you go for a roof replacement for which you may not be ready financially as a home owner. There may be certain steps that can save your cost and still give you and your family a sense of protection while doing all roof works within budget.

It’s always recommended that once you do roof inspection from your local roofer and check what they recommend either tear off the original roof or shingle over your existing roof. There are some if and but’s in each of these options, that you should keep in mind and decide the option that might work best for your home roof.

Pro Tip: Get at least 5 recommendations and estimates from Your Local roof and select that suite your budget without compromising the Material and Service Quality.

First, let’s define what exactly Tear-off and Overlay for your Roof is?

Tear off: It’s the method where roofers will completely remove your existing roof and then put entirely a new roof whichever design,color or material you use.

Tear off cost home owners should ready for: The average residential roof in Michigan is around 20 and 35 squares to be replaced and tear off. The average labor cost will be around $100 to $150 per square to remove single or double layer. As a professional roofer in canton,MI if you hire our residential roofing service then you can get exceptional discount in lump sum.

Overlay Roof and cost: In roofing terms, an overlay roof process is when you install shingles while keep your existing roof as it is. This is preferred if your roof is not already overlaid as it can save the labor cost of tear off. Labor cost only will be around $3 per square and on average total cost with material for asphalt may be $4500 in Michigan. You can confirm the cost by calling at 248-525-6950 or ask free estimate of total cost.

Roof Tear off or Overlay Option in Canton,MI

So, what are the pros and cons of each?



When you opt for a tear-off roofing then it will give you totally new roof look and all old leaks will went off. Your roof will get a new life and new design of your home because new roof will give a new look to your home with perfect style of resale value. Your new roof will be water tight for some more years to come.

The con is the cost involved in fill tear off which is usually high than overlay because of extra labor cost involved in taking off old roof.If you want to live in your house then you should go for this.


Less Expensive than tear off because you simply have to add another shingles on top of the old roof. Home owners go for this option for considerably low cost.Less Time taking as compared to tear off.You will not have to move to another house or portion for overlay because roofers will work on your existing roof.

The cons of overlay roof are:

Less life span of your roof not more than their natural lifetime.Even it might be risky because adding another of weight on existing one can make your of structure integrity on risk.I may not look as good as new one with new design. Tracking a roof leak will be difficult and it may be possible that after few month you need to replace it because finding leaks in multiple layers would be difficult to spot and will incur extra cost.Eventually you’ll have to replace it and will double the labor cost in removing multiple layers.

Whether you decide to go with a tear off or overlay option, we are here to help you in your decision and will give you optimal option to choose between the two. You will get FREE ONSITE CONSULTATION with HONEST COST ESTIMATE.Give us a call today at 248-525-6950.

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