Roof Installation or Repair in Michigan Weather Conditions?

Having a durable and reliable roofing system must be the first priority because you cannot allow roofing problems like leaks to destroy your house and properties. In Michigan, installing brand new roofs requires quite a lot of money besides, there some other necessary factors to consider improving and making your home look attractive after installing a new roof.

Homeowners in Michigan depending on their choice and on the climatic conditions use several roofing materials. However, asphalt shingles are commonly used since it is strong and durable among other unique features. There are some crucial elements to think about first apart from installing a new roof so that you can be able to benefit.

In the article, we will mention the vital things to look at to increase the lifespan of the new roof, to add more value to it as well as replacements and repairs for old roofing.


Tear-off and re-roofing

Two options exist before having a new roof installed namely re-roofing and tear-off. Tear-off is an installation method that involves completely removing all the previous roofing materials. Removing all shingles allows for inspection of the roof decking for any problems and repairs before a new roof is installed.

Re-roofing or a roof-over is a process of installing and laying a brand new roofing material over the previous one. The main advantage of this option is it assists in reducing costs on a roofing project. However, tear-off is the best option since you are assured of a new roof without any problem whatsoever.

Ice Dam Protection

This is another factor to consider before you install a new roof in Michigan. There is a high probability for your roofing system to develop an ice dam in winter conditions. In case you ignore the importance of installing roof ice dam protection, be ready to deal with the outcome. Having your roof well protected is essential to prevent damages to your ceiling, the roof decking and to the outside of your house.

In Michigan, the most favorable time to incorporate ice dam protection is at the start of the new roof installation process since when it is done after the roof is installed, the process will be extremely complicated to the point of incurring extra expenses.

Quality Roofing is a must

The quality roofing material will withstand harsh climatic conditions of the area. This is the first factor we (xyz) consider as professionals in Michigan. With the material, you choose for the roof, you will be able to determine the lifespan of your roofing material. Moreover, there are other important elements to look for to maximize on the newly installed roof.

To avoid unexpected roofing problems, consider the advantages of components like a chimney, skylight seals, plumbing skipping and others since many homeowners overlook their importance. If your home requires more energy efficiency, the roofing material must be fabricated with energy efficient material.

The roof must be adequately ventilated

It is important for the outside air to enter and exit all ventilation spaces and the attic. Roof ventilation maintains the cool room temperature and regulates ice dams build during the winter. If proper ventilation is neglected then the moisture-laden hot air will cause any water in the attic to condense excessively which will eventually lead to many damages on your roofing materials. All well-ventilated roofs in Michigan have an increased lifespan. To aid with the ventilation, include automatic vents and vent fans.

Roof repair and replacement

Repairs and replacement are the best options to tackle roof leaks or any other faults with the roof. Before deciding between the two, consider other vital aspects apart from the costs required since it will not be prudent repairing to save money only for the roof to break down later on. In addition, there is no need to replace the roof while it still has some life remaining.

Cases that require repair

Your roof is still new

If you replaced the roof of your house or business a few years ago, there is no reason for you to hurry for replacements because many roofs last for a long time. For instance, asphalt shingles are designed to last for about 15 to 25 years depending on the care and maintenance they receive. You will not need to think about finding a replacement for your roof until 10 to 15 years after installation. However, some cases will make the roof fall apart earlier than expected like frequent hurricanes; in this case, the roof will not last long as you expect.

Roof shingles in good condition

Look at the shingles before you think about repairing or replacing the roof. The shingles easily let you know everything about the existing condition of the roof. A roof, which is worth saving, has all its shingles in place. They will not show any signs of spoilage or curling up and cracking. In addition, when you clean the gutters during the fall, you will not see any granules in the shingles.

Your roof will be in perfect condition when the shingles remain intact and do their job. In some cases, however, there may be problems even when the shingles appear to be in excellent condition.

When the roof is not leaking

Do not ignore repairs just because the roof is not leaking. Repairs will prevent a leak from occurring in the roof any time in the future.

Cases that require replacement

The roof is old

There is no roof that will last forever no matter the regular efforts put to maintain or inspect it.  It is advisable to take note of the lifespan of the roofing materials and the date of its installation in order to make it easier to find the next date you are going to need replacement. When the roof reaches that age, start thinking about its replacement even when it does not look like it will require replacement. Prevention is always a better option therefore; replace the roof earlier instead of waiting until major problems occur.

Missing or cracking roof shingles

In case you have shingles which are missing completely, curling up on the ends, cracking at the middle, hanging on by a thread, or coated or stained with mildew, algae, and moss, consider replacing your roof. A better method of handling this situation than replacing them one by one is a complete roof replacement.

After frequent repairs of the roof

It is frustrating spending a lot of money every single time for repairs when the roof is beyond repair. Repairing the roof once or twice in recent years is not bad; a good indicator that the roof has reached its limit is making close to a dozen repairs within five years.

Instead of doing repairs all over again, talk to us (xyz) about the likelihood of replacing your roof. We shall inform you of all the options available and the best choice at this time. We will help you keep water out of your home. Furthermore, you will be able to have room in your budget to make additional replacements so that it may not surprise you one day.

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