Residential Roofing Experts Trenton MI. Explain How to Handle Claim Denial

Residential Roofing Experts Trenton MI. Explain How to Handle Claim Denial

Your home has suffered damage in a severe weather event. The insurance company says your home has pre-existing damages; denying you your roof insurance claim can be devastating. In this article, we will discuss what residential roofing experts Trenton MI. are saying about how to handle claim denial. Learn what to do about claim denial from insurance companies.


Residential Roofing Experts Trenton MI. Breakdown Dealing with Claim Denials 

Several insurance companies will give any excuse to make sure they don’t pay a legitimate insurance claim. The fact is that they often do this to save money. If your claim is denied, there is no need to panic. You can appeal the insurance company’s claim of pre-existing damages and fight back.

Factors That Lead to Insurance Claim Denial

Home insurance policies are issued to cover losses incurred from extreme weather events. However, when you encounter bad weather damages on your property, the insurance company will deny your claim if the property has the following:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Wear or tear over time
  • Damages that existed when you bought the property
  • When there is a lack of temporary repairs
  • If you had already received compensation for a different insurance claim on that section of your property

All these listed issues are legitimate causes for denial. However, if the damage incurred was your fault, you may not be able to get reimbursement for your total loss.

What to Do When You Encounter Claim Denial From Insurance Companies

If you have gone through the policy and strongly believe that the claim has been denied wrongly, you do not have to lose hope. Instead, you can reach out to an expert insurance litigation attorney to help you out. The attorney will communicate with the insurance company and bring in an expert to inspect your home. Then, a case will be set up for you to get the reimbursement you deserve.

How to Avoid Encountering Claim Denial

Whether you have a homeowner’s policy or buy a new one, you should know that insurance companies have strict terms and conditions regarding pre-existing damages. In addition, there are a few rules to avoid insurance claim denial because of pre-existing damages. 

1. Read Through the Insurance Coverage

Know how your insurance company manages pre-existing damages and maintenance issues. Then, study what logic can be used to deny you your insurance claim. You may also call the insurer to explain your coverage if you are unsure.

2. Regularly Conduct Inspection

You do not need your insurance company to come and do this for you. Always check your property for any potential damage and get it fixed. Give special attention to your roof. Significant damages are caused by little repairs that are ignored.

3. Snap “Before” Pictures:

Before photos are good to take, they are proof to show the previous condition of your roof before the damage. You can also shoot a video of your property before the storm season begins, include the date you took the picture or video, and document them. This will be of good help in case of an insurance claim.


Professional roofers can help you inspect your home to find hard-to-spot issues and repair them perfectly. In addition, residential roofing experts Trenton MI., recommend you call a professional to help you assess the damages after a storm and give you an accurate estimate for insurance purposes.