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Residential Roof Leak Issues for MI homeowners and easy way to Fix it

Roof leaks happen to almost every home. These could be noticed as either dark stains on the roof ceiling, or as streak lines on the walls of the house. In worse cases, roof leaks may even lead to droplets of water seeping through these damaged regions.

Those small drops of water seeping through the roof may indicate a bigger problem than just a simple roof leak. They could imply that the roofing system has a major damage, which could cost you a lot of time and money to fix. In order to save yourself all that investment, you need to regularly check your roof for leaks.

However, what could actually cause your roof to leak? And, how can you pinpoint the specific roof leak areas? Read along to find out.


Why Your Roof Could Be Leaking

Roof leaks happen when they are least expected, as if out of the blue. Yet, there are several factors that actually promote the development of roof leaks. The following are the most common reasons why roofing systems tend to leak;

1.) Missing Shingles

Poor installation of shingles, or the use of faulty materials in the installation process, can lead to shingles being blown off or falling out of place. Missing shingles can also be caused by strong winds and heavy hail storms. Missing shingles on a roof can lead to the integrity of the roofing system being compromised. Roof leaks then occur when the roof has been compromised.

2.) Compromised Valleys

The valley of a roofing system is the area of conjunction of two sloping roofs. In other words, it is the dent formed by two slopes of a dent. When roofing professionals, or even the home owners, accidentally step on roofing shingles or the valley metals, this could lead to puncturing of the roof valley. Punctures on the roof valley always result to the development of roof leaks. Also, when the roofing system is poorly maintained, debris could build up on the roof, causing water to build up and lead to the development of leaks in the long run.

3.) Materials Which Have Been Poorly Installed

This is the most common reason for residential roof leaking. Poor installation of materials may be done by inexperienced contractors. When materials are poorly installed, it could result to the occurrence of leaks on the roof membrane, the flashing points or the chimney.

4.) Punctured Roof

When homes are constructed near trees, branches and tree twigs may fall on the roofing system, causing major damages to the roof. Major roof damage can also be caused by hail storms. The hail, or the fallen branches, could puncture the roof, causing it to start leaking.

Furthermore, the falling branches and twigs can block the flow of water on the roof, such that pooling occurs and water begins to seep into the home. This is why regular inspection of the roof is highly recommended after hail storms, or if your home is located in an area with many trees.

5.) Improper Room Ventilation

Poor ventilation is common in those areas which generate high moisture levels, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. High moisture generated in these rooms tend to build up, causing more damage with passing time. The more the roofs are exposed to high moisture levels, the more prone they become to the development of roof leaks.

6.) Old Roof

When roofing systems approach or exceed the end of their lifespan, they start breaking down. As the integrity of the roof becomes compromised, several roof leaks may begin to develop.

Who to Call if Your Roof Is Leaking

If your roof is leaking, you are recommended not to take any further steps in trying to solve the problem yourself. For instance, if you try going to the roof to repair the leaks, you could end up stepping on the wrong places and creating more punctures and leaks on the roof. Worse yet, you could even hurt yourself.

So, who do you call if your roof starts leaking? The best thing to do would be to call a roofing company. These professional roofing contractors have the needed skills and knowledge to thoroughly inspect your roofing system, and make all the necessary repairs required.

Furthermore, sometimes a leak in the roof indicates a bigger problem than just a roof damage. Only a professional roofing contractor can identify such major problems, which is another reason why you should call on a roofing company as soon as you notice a roof leak in your home.

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