questions to ask your roofer before hiring

Questions to ask for your roofers before making a contract

Are you about to add a room, renovate the basement or make those necessary repairs? It is important that you find a good contractor – a poorly made home improvement project can have consequences. A good advertisement is not proof that a contractor does quality work. Find out on your own. Check with friends, neighbors or work colleagues who have done home improvement work and check a contractor’s reputation by reading the ratings posted on trusted websites. Ask for written quotes in several firms and keep in mind that the lowest bid may not be the best option. It’s also important for you to know what the signs of a scam are.


How to find a contractor

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, you could hire:


  • A general contractor who handles all characteristics of a roof repairing assignment, including hiring and supervising subcontractors, obtaining building or building permits, and scheduling examinations.
  • A specialized Professional roofer who installs exacting products or components, such as cabinets or cabinets and bathroom fixtures.
  • An architect, who designs homes, extensions and renovations or major renovations – especially those projects that involve structural changes.
  • A designer or design or construction contractor, who provides both services.


  • Check with friends, neighbors or work colleagues who have used the services of a contractor.
  • If possible, try to see the finished work and ask about each experience.
  • Check out reliable websites that post ratings and comments.

Do people seem to have had similar experiences, both bad and good? You can also verify the reputation of a contractor on the internet by entering a search engine in the name of the company along with words like “cheat”, or “complaint”.

Find out how long contractors have been operating; Look for a well-established company with proven records and reputations. Check the qualifications, for example, if they are licensed to work.

In many states, but not all, contractors must obtain a license and or be insured. Contact the building department or your local consumer protection agency to find out about the applicable licensing requirements in your area.

Before hiring a contractor

Ask for quotes

Once you have defined your options, ask for written quotes in several signatures. Do not automatically choose the lowest bid. Ask for explanations to see if there is any reason to justify the price difference.


I asked for:

How many projects similar to mine completed during the past year?

Ask for a list to check if the contractor is familiar enough with projects similar to yours.

Do I have to ask for a permit for my project?

In most states and localities, permits must be processed for construction or building projects, even for simple projects such as the construction of a wooden plank patio. A competent contractor will obtain all the necessary permits before starting to work on your project. You may want to choose a contractor who is familiar with the permitting process in your county, city or town.

Can you give me a list of references?

A roof repairing contractor should be capable to provide you the names, addresses and mobile numbers of at least one customer with assignment similar to yours. Inquire each of these consumers how long the assignment was completed and if the contractor completed it on time. The client was satisfied? Were there some surprising costs? You could also tell the contractor that you would like to visit the jobs you are currently doing.

What types of insurance do you have?

Contractors must have:

  • Personal liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance for workers.
  • Coverage insurance for property damage.

Ask for copies of the insurance certificates and check that they are valid; otherwise you could be held liable for any injuries or damages that may occur during the development of the project.

Will you use subcontractors for this project?

If so, make sure that all subcontractors have present insurance coverage and also the applicable licenses. To find builders, remodelers and related providers in your area who are members of the National Association of Home Builders. To consult full information about a contractor, roof repairing service provider in your region, contact the local association of home builders.


Recognize your payment selections

Do not pay in cash. The smaller projects can pay them by check or credit card. Try to limit the amount of the initial payment.  Some state laws limit the amount of money a contractor may require as a down payment. Contact your state or local consumer protection agency to find out what is the applicable law in your area. During the course of the project, try to pay on the basis of a defined amount. [rara_call_to_action title=”Inquire Now to get free Quote” button_text=”Read More” button_url=”” target=”_self” button_align=”center”]Want to know more about Roofing contractors in Brownstown Michigan? [/rara_call_to_action]

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