New Roof Livonia Michigan- How Roof Lift Affects HVAC System

New Roof Livonia Michigan: How Roof Lift Affects HVAC System

Perhaps you are considering a roof lift. A homeowner who wants a new roof Livonia Michigan would ask how a roof lift affects HVAC systems? A roof lift is a process many consider to change low clearance buildings to a more modern high-clearance building that can be used for storage, warehouses, or as a facility. Obviously, this means that the HVAC systems will be affected by the changes. Here are the ways in which a roof lift can affect your HVAC systems


Effects of Roof Lift on Your HVAC Systems

1. Bigger spacing and bigger energy costs

One of the obvious effects of a roof lift on the HVAC unit is that there is bigger space to be heated or cooled down as needed. In some cases, the HVAC unit may need to be upgraded to meet up with the increased load. Of course, this means more energy costs as well. In many cases, it is best to purchase an HVAC system suited to larger spaces. However, if the preinstalled HVAC system has high AFUE ratings, there may be no need to get a bigger unit. A professional can be engaged who will assess the capacity of the HVAC unit in relation to the energy needs of the building. They will need to recommend the best adjustments ideal for the house.

 2. Moving the HVAC unit

The HVAC unit may need to be moved to the roof of the building. This largely depends on where the placement of the HVAC unit used to be. For example, If your new ceilings extend into your attic space, your attic air conditioning systems may need to be relocated, depending on how high they go. This is ideal when the building is converted into a storage space or a warehouse. Relocating the HVAC unit to the roof is a process that requires the skills and expertise that only a professional can provide. If you need a new roof in Livonia, Michigan, consult an HVAC technician to properly enlighten you on how roof lift affects your HVAC systems. Based on the size of the building, he will recommend the best method of moving the HVAC to the roof.

3. Re-routing the ventilation system

With the renovations involved in a roof lift, it is a necessity that the ventilation system of the building will have to be re-routed. This is a complicated process. It is strongly recommended that this process be handled only by a seasoned professional. Any mistakes made during the process of re-routing the vents can have a detrimental effect on the air quality in the building and pose a health risk to the occupants of the building. Precautions must be taken to avoid endangering the health of people.

4. Adopting other HVAC options

You may need to consider other HVAC options, such as evaporative roof cooling, which is a great choice for a highrise building. 


It goes without saying that high ceilings can add to the dramatic and elegant appeal of a room while also providing an airy and spacious feel. This renovation, however, comes with new adjustments. A homeowner who needs a new roof in Livonia, Michigan would wonder how the roof lift affects HVAC systems. The best course of action to take to ease the process and ensure that everything goes without a hitch is to consult a licensed HVAC contractor.