Local Roofing Contractors Grosse Ile Michigan Discuss Adverse Effects of Winter on Residential Roofing

Local Roofing Contractors Grosse Ile Michigan Discuss Adverse Effects of Winter on Residential Roofing

Michigan is one of the states in the USA that experiences all 4 seasons. However, during the winter, local roofing contractors Grosse Ile Michigan face adverse effects on residential roofing. There are several ways in which winter can affect the roof’s efficiency. This article will discuss 4 common roof damage that can occur in the freezing winter.


3 Common Residential Roof Damages Roofing Contractors Grosse Ile Michigan Face at Winter 

The following are the adverse effects of winter on residential roofing. Therefore, there is a huge call to get your roof ready before winter so that it can withstand harsh weather and the comfort of your home will remain intact. 

Snow Damage

In winter, lots or a few inches of snowfall can cause many problems. Homeowners with flat roofs face a higher risk of damage during this season. This is because the snow cannot fall down the sides easily. Heat emitting from home can cause snow to melt reasonably. However, if there is more snow than the gutters can hold, it can get into your roof through any available cracks.

Homeowners who attempt to remove snow from their roofs using shovels often cause more harm than good. Making use of a shovel on the roof can damage the roof. Also, some homeowners go as far as using rock salt and calcium chloride to melt the snow. The snow removal method damages the roof and may eventually void any roof repair or replacement warranty. 

Water Damage

It could be problematic when ice builds up in your gutters and obstructs water from draining off properly. When there is heavy rainfall, extensive water damage could occur due to accumulated water running under your shingles. This water goes into your home and triggers unimaginable damage to your roof. If fast action is not taken, your home interior can be affected. Electrical wiring may be tampered with, and mould growth can occur inside the home. According to local roofing contractors Grosse Ile Michigan, slanted and flat roofs are vulnerable to water damage.

Wind Damage

Wind damage is not common during the winter season. However, an old roof or loose shingles can be completely blown off by high winds. The damage could be fatal when the winter wind is accompanied by hail or sleet. Small chunks of ice weaken the shingles, and when the wind starts, it carries off the weakened shingles without much effort.


The damage caused by winter on residential roofing cannot be underestimated. However, following the right solutions to protect yourself during winter is necessary. Try not to get the snow off by yourself. It can cause more damage to your roof if not done properly. Invite professional roofing contractors Grosse Ile Michigan to ensure your gutter is running properly. Snow removal companies can also remove the snow piles on your roof. They have the right materials for getting off the snow without causing any damage. More so, preparing your roof for the winter season is more appropriate.