Fix Roof leakage

How to Locate Cracks to Fix Roof Leakage

When a crack appears the most difficult is to locate it, then you will need skill and patience. The roofs are a very important part of any building and, when a leak appears, the most difficult is to locate it. If you see that one part of the ceiling of one room is darker than another, touch it. If it is wet, you probably have a leak. Try to solve this problem yourself, without the help of a professional. You only need skill and patience and one day the roof is dry to prevent accidents. The first thing you must do is detect leaks.

To do this, pour as much water as you need onto the roof until the ceiling is again sealed. The next step is to look for where the water is filtered. Look for a broken, shifted or cracked tile. To guide you sit on the wet roof area, but keep in mind that in many cases the leak can come from another site. Once located dry the roof of the room with a dry cloth, and then, already on the roof, cover the crack or hole with special paste for leaks. Give it evenly. If you leave a peak, it will retain the water and in the long run, may produce new moisture.

In the case of cracks being very deep, prepare a mixture of cement, water and a waterproofing aggregate in a container. With the aid of a spatula spread the mixture throughout the crack, it is even advisable to pass it a little to ensure that it has been completely covered. Start from the center outwards and make sure the surface is smooth. Once dry, sand the area in which you put putty on sandpaper. Finally, once the roof has been repaired, place a tile instead of the broken one.

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