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How to hire a roofer in this COVID-19 situation?

During these times of uncertainty faced by the whole world due to COVID-19 have had people deal with numerous house projects on their own rather than hiring an individual from the outside. However small tasks like painting, fixing a floor tile, mending the sink pipe can be done at home by one of the family members but if one ends up experiencing a fault in roofing is where the only choice left is for the experts to jump in. This major health crisis has put a hold on many of the repairing works on pending as many of us think twice before letting in a contractor which normally is not considered to be a big deal. Considering the ongoing pandemic (COVID-19), certain precautionary measures can be taken into consideration while having your roof system fixed as delaying this may lead to disastrous consequences.

Hiring a roofer during COVID-19 Outbreak

Keeping the current circumstances in mind it is safer to stick to outdoor repairing as it will not require the contractor to step inside the house. Homeowners should mark the area that needs repairing by the expert making it easier for them to understand the area of the problem without directly being in contact with the client maintaining a safe proximity to avoid unnecessary exposure. The roofer should ensure to stand at least 6 meters away from the Homeowner, wearing gloves and masks as well as shoe covers and hazmat suit in case they need to enter the house for repairing purposes. Hire a roofing company that ensures their employees practice safety measures by making sure to have hand sanitizer dispensers in the area of where the work is being done; washing the area with disinfectants once the repairing is done and carrying out paperless transactions. In case the bill has to be paid on spot the contractor may read out the bill in a loud voice or leave the bill in the mailbox.

Why should you hire a roofing contractor instead of doing it yourself?

Often, we might end up in debate these days as to whether to hire a roofing contractor or make the repairing ourselves. Having access to YouTube and following the online DIY seldom makes us believe that we can carry out these tasks ourselves without the help of experts. We are afraid to pop this bubble and highlight the benefits of hiring a roofing contractor instead of doing it yourself.

1.  Cost effectiveness for your pocket: roofing contractors are always equipped with the right kind of tools required to carry out the repairing. They are also aware of places to buy material at low-cost without compromising the quality. Manufacturers directly offer supplies to contractors who are in business since long with a good reputation. Moreover, in the case of Homeowners not being satisfied with the quality of repairing, the company will provide the facility of redoing the work without charging any extra money.

2.  Experience of business in the industry: repairing the roof is no easy task and requires numerous years of experience. As there are different types of roofing, the professional roofing contractor would know the right kind of approach to go about it. Attempting to repair yourself may result in leading to serious damages and roof leakages that might require an extra amount of money than it would have in case of having it done by a professional in the first place.

3.  Safety at work: any work that is required to be done on the roof includes high risk. Roofing contractors undergo a certain duration of training required to work on the roof ensuring the safety of themselves and the property. As it involves climbing the ladder to the highest point of the building and coming into contact with sharp edges of the metal. Hiring a professional gives you an edge to have the roof repaired safely without costing you any damages as they enforce the use of the right tools and equipment as compared to what you will see in the YouTube videos.


Factors to consider when hiring a roofer during this Covid-19 outbreak

The roof completes your home and without one, you can’t live in it. This shows that it’s one of the most important investments while making a house. Now you don’t want to be spending an entire fortune on it but you need to be smart about it so your house stays safe and lasts longer with fewer issues. There are multiple factors to consider when hiring a professional roofer:

The Experience of a roofing company:

The longer the business is in the industry means more clients and more knowledge so it’s always best to choose a roofer who has been in the business for more than five years at least. An experienced roofer can provide you with market competitive rates without compromising the quality and also suggesting cost-effective options. An experienced roofer would not focus on making money out of their client. With experience also comes the manufacturer’s assurance and you can be sure they will provide you with a high-quality roofing system. You can check their experience through their portfolio as well as on their insurance certificates to see when it was awarded to them.

Ask for free Estimates:

Always opt for a roofer who can give you a free estimate of the work you require to get done. This will show their interest and also give you an idea of the cost. You can request for free estimates for the work to be done or for your roofing type to carry out a cost analysis to make your decision. 

Certificate of incorporation and insurance:

When a roofing company comes into existence as per the law it is required to have insurance as well as certain area wise compliances to be met which makes them an authorized and certified roofing solution provider. Check their certificate and then proceed so you know that they will be complying with the local building requirements.

Get a Contract before you start off:

Never work with a roofer who does not do a contract with you. You must have a thorough two-way communication about your job and needs and the roofer understands them and brings them down on paper. Make sure they initiate a contract and take your needs into accordance and then only once the contract has been signed the work starts. A professional and experienced roofer will have a contract for you ready once you share your details and agree to proceed with the work with them.

Look for a Warranty providing roofer:

Look for a roofer who can provide you a warranty of the materials. This will show credibility on their end. You should also look for client reviews on their site or their portfolio. Warranty will save you the hassle of repair issues and will show responsibilities on the roofer’s end that they know what they do is best at their job.

Find a Local company:

Hiring a local roofer company will help you with delayed communication and you can easily visit their office for any issues. They would also be able to comply with the local area laws and also provide you with better rates.

While we realize all this can be quite hectic to search about and ask from each company, As a professional roofer based in Northville,MI we can bring customized roofing solutions for your home needs. We have the experience, best prices, and all the mandatory factors ticked out for you to be able to choose us without a second thought. We know it’s a huge risk to hire the wrong roofer to risk the amount of money you spend and we will take good care of you and your roofing needs.

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