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How to fix a leaking roof from the inside

Roof leaks to find is easy if you follow steps below

A small leak in the roof can lead to an emergency situation in a heavy downpour, so the sooner it is fixed the better it will be, as any delay can increase the risk and repair cost. The water that seeps through a small rent in the roof finds its way through the wall and causes its collapse or damage the insulation.

It is always advisable to hire a professional help for the job as many companies specialize in catering for such issues but there are instances where you cannot get access to them, it is at such times where taking a few simple steps can help save your pocket as well as severe damage to your house.

The following are some easy to follow steps which you can take in such situations.


 If one has a prior knowledge of how to Access the attic then job becomes easy and swift. A few things which if are along like a small bucket and a sponge, some tar and a sheet of plywood, will come in handy. Extreme care needs to be exercised while working in the attic as the floor might be weakened by the water seeping and getting collected there.


 Once in the attic, the trail of water is to be assessed. Most of the time the source is far from the site of leakage and due to the sloping roof surfaces the water has trickled farther down. The next step is to locate the site of leakage on the floor of the attic which will be approximately around the leak point on the roof of the house. Remove the insulation from the drywall. Make sure to keep the plywood in place in case the moist weakened floor of the attic gives way and is a cause of injury or fall of the bucket placed on it.

There will be collection of water which is to be mopped with the sponge and wrung into the bucket placed for collection of water. All the access water is collected in the bucket. The wet sheetrock of the attic can be week and crumbling so it is important to be careful while placing stuff on it as it might fall.


A temporary leak patch can be made from some plywood or shingle and   some roofing tar. First the leak is sealed with roofing tar which is spread over the leak with the help of a putty knife. This is followed by strengthening it further with either shingle or plywood  placed on top of it and sealing off any holes left by spreading the tar at the edges  


Once the leak has been sealed, one important step before coming out of the attic is to map it for future reference. After the rain stops the area on the roof is to be visited to secure the leaking area   outside on the roof. Moreover the temporary patch can be secured with further adding roofing tar to the shingle.


There are instances where one may not be able to find the leak in the roof or there is no direct access to the attic to apply a temporary patch, and protecting your roof is an urgent requirement, in such a case a plastic covering from the outside will be required.

Hiring a professional Roofer can be helpful to spot and fix roof leak. You can get FREE CONSULTATION and ask for recommendations for your roof. Give us a call today at 248-525-6950.

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