roofing in michigan during pandemic

How Michigan homeowners can get New Roof During Covid-19?

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home from any disaster that is meant to ruin the interior of your house and also protects you from the wind, rain and other natural disasters that occur. It is important for you to take care of the leaks, water damage, molds, blocked gutters etc on time to prevent the severe damage to your home.

When you see any damage and need to repair it on an urgent basis first ask the roofing contractor about the safety measures regarding the coronavirus pandemic which includes the sanitization of the tools, the materials, working outfits and all the important equipment they will be using during the work at your home. All the safety measures totally depends upon the roofing contractor of your area, and this varies from area to area but they could add some of the following recommendations mentioned below:

  1. Compliance with recommendations from health and safety organizations.
  2. Social distancing which is six feet distance from one person to another person/worker.
  3. Paying method should be digital without the hassle of being contracted by the germs.


How you can hire Roofer during Pandemic?

Hiring a roofing professional was already applicable before even the pandemic but people rather preferred to go in person while the shingle selection and meeting with a roofing professional but at the times of COVID-19 people are more considerate about their safety and doing all the process online whether it’s a meeting with a contractor or choosing shingles or other roofing materials. But there are many of you for whom this experience of knowing the fact that everything could be done online must be surprising but yes it’s true! 

Here are some ways with whom you can find, hire, and work with a roofing contractor online:

  1. Search the roofing contractors online by adding your area in this way you will find a number of contractors with whom you can get in touch with and even you can read the reviews that has been done by the real clients in this way you will be well aware of the scams and will find the good roofing contractor.
  2. Contact the roofing contractor via email or on the call to schedule the virtual meeting.
  3. Ask all the necessary questions during the online meeting which should include the estimated cost of the repair or the renewal, their verdict about the safety measures for the virus. If any of the query left un asked you can always get back to the roofing contractor by calling them or texting them.
  4. In order to provide the estimated cost for the repair you have to give the dimensions of your house to the roofing contractor or they can use the satellite technology to measure the roof.
  5. If your contractor asks you for the photos and videos of the damaged roof you can always provide them by sending them through email and mobile apps like WhatsApp and Viber.
  6. Once you provided all the necessary info to the roofing contractor now they can tell you the estimated cost directly on the call or by a text.
  7. Lastly, all the paperwork, project scheduling and payment can be done through online and you can review it at the comfort of your home.

How to Shop for Roofing Shingles online during the Pandemic?

You can choose the shingles easily from the comfort of your home. Ask your roofing contractor about the best online shingle store, choose the sample shingle you want to install, look for the vast varieties provided by the shingle company. Once you are done with the choosing process see if they have a policy to provide the shingle sample beforehand. You will receive the shingle samples by mail. Free printed color samples will be provided to you by the shingle company. Always go for 5 samples to get a better idea. Once you are done with the selection process you can now tell the roofing contractor about the color you chose and what your roofing contract suggests.