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How to address Foot Trafficking in your Roofing?

You know who takes all the abuse on your behalf? Your roof. Still, it might turn out to be the only part of your life about which you tend not to think until something goes wrong. Fortunately, if you are lucky enough then you can even go for years without giving it a second thought. Roofing is your main defence against wind, rain, dust, etc. Moreover, you never know what your future might look like or even weather turns to cheat you. Hence, it is better to be prepared for things like roofing problems. If we think about our roof ahead of time, then we will have a better chance of managing it with minimum stress and inconvenience.

Among lots of residential roofing issues, foot traffic is one of the problematic ones. This case is more considerate for the population having single-ply or spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof systems. Single-ply systems are more susceptible on having punctures due to high-traffic. Among the top nine problems with single-ply systems, the top one is plaguing. It is better for people who are having this system to limit traffic and conduct cursory inspections after tradespeople visiting your roof.

Among this, all roof systems’ face compromising performance when new equipment and penetrations are added to them. Until or unless precautions are taken. Of course, a special case is attached to the metal roof. When any penetrations are added or deleted from a metal roof, then the results can turn out to be very destructive. You can even be left with compromise and lots of caulking and sealants. The issue is that metal roofs move a lot, as there is a lot of expansion and contraction. If in any case you are left with dealing caulking, then you are eventually going to face lots of trouble and panicking.

The only solution to this problem can be limiting access to the traffic who needs to be there. Especially restrict the smokers, lunches and sunbathers to visit your roof, it is okay for you to be sometimes rude in order to prevent your roof from dying prematurely. As you must know that cigarettes burn holes in the membrane and foot traffic damages the surface making the roof fail. Moreover, as you are the owner then you should monitor the activity of sign installers and window washers while working in order to not to damage the roof.  The installations must be flashed by a competent roofing contractor instead of a mechanical contractor to ensure that the penetrations are sealed.

Last but not the least, the roof must on all cases be examined at least twice a year and the drains should be cleared along with the removal of debris. Though punctures might sound like a small failure, it should be addressed within the time to make sure that failure of the roof doesn’t occur. Yes, a roof’s life is finite, but that isn’t any justification for the short life of a roof. We, the Tittle Brothers Construction can give you a good sense of designing the roof, can drive your attention to the details of proper roof installation and even provide you with the required care to maximize your roof’s life. Call us at (734) 225-2525.

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