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How to find & fix a leaky asphalt roof?Pro Tips for Michigan Homeowners

Many times we encounter such problems which look trivial at first glance but can be challenging to handle afterwards. Water leaking from a roof drip by drip is that kind of problem which has to be solved as soon as possible to prevent the potential mess that it can cause. There is nothing to worry about it because we are here for you always to repair a leaky asphalt roof. Here are the things we consider:

  • We will pinpoint the place of leakage
  • We will replace the shingles which have been damaged
  • If possible, we can change the entire roof section

Why is a visual inspection of the roof essential?

Leakage in the roof is not acceptable at any cost because it is the protective sheet of your house, which keeps you safe from damaging effects of snow, rain and hail. After every heavy rainfall or storm, you must visually inspect the roof for any leakage. You should check the shingles properly so the water may not leak down and cause the high wall or wood damage. More the resulting damage more will be the amount you have to pay to construction companies.

Steps to locate a roof leak:

  • You should measure the entry point of water from the nearest outside walls.
  • To determine the starting point, you should take the measurements up to roof; there is a possibility that vandalized shingles might be above the mark.
  • Now it is the time to inspect all shingles to pinpoint the damaging point by making your way towards the slope. Checking the vent pipes is also essential as they may also have cracks or tears. If you are not successful despite all your efforts and you have reached the top, still unable to find the leak then it is the time to check ridge shingles.

Despite following all the instructions, if you are unable to find the leaky point, then you must contact us. We will be happy to solve the issue.

NOTE: If you are not an expert and afraid of falling from heights, then you must call for professional help instead of doing all this by your own and increasing the risks for falling. Falling from the roof can pose a severe threat to fractures and other injuries. It would help if you also waited for the shingles to become dry instead of checking wet and icy shingles.

We can repair the shingle without replacement:

There can be a crack in shingle as a result of striking of baseball or football with the rooftop, or a broken tree branch can result in cracking the shingle. The only important thing you will need is “roofing sealant”, “caulking gun” and a putty knife. It will cost you only 18-40 dollars. Apply the sealant on the inner side of the crack after lifting cracked or broken shingle. After pressing the shingle, apply a bead and dust the granule over the sealant. Congrats now you have done repairing the shingle without replacement.

Hail Damage Roof

How to repair cupped shingles?

 When shingles get old, they can cup, and edges become cracked, thus reducing the protection level of the roof against harsh effects of hailing or snow. Therefore water can seep through the holes and cause extensive damage. When the shingles are cupped, it is a clear indication to replace the entire roof area.

Roofing sealant should be applied on the corners, keep the quantity to quarter.

Firmly press it mainly from the edges.

It is better to determine first about the roof pitch, if it is 6/12, a brick can serve the purpose to hold down the curled areas, if it is sheer than 6/12 then the tape is sufficient to keep shingle in place. However, it is better to replace the cupped shingles instead of repairing them because they will be broken down once a next wind hit the roof.

Time to replace damaged shingles:

It is better to spend money and replace the shingles which have been damaged by the rainwater or snow than repairing them every time you see the damage. Now we will discuss replacing of damaged asphalt shingles. There is a strong possibility that you might have leftovers of the shingles when you build the house and install the roof, so try to use them. If you don’t have enough, then contact your nearest construction company to match the shingles.

What to do in a roof leak emergency:

Usually, it is complicated to find the leak or proper point from where the water is coming so if you want to see the appropriate place of leakage then think like water according to “roofer’s advice”. Whenever nails lose proper grip over the shingles or when sealant has lost its adhesive property, water can seep through the cracked shingles. When water goes through the roofing, it passes through many places like sheathing, rafters and finally starts dripping. Dripping of water on your favorite wood furniture can result in loss of their quality and finish.

It is better to look for a dripping point in daylight because it will be easy for you as compared to nighttime. Check the rooftop for damage, any crack, broken shingle, damaged sheathing would indicate pinpoint of dripping. Sometimes water starts dripping during dry weather when there are no signs of rain, and then it is essential to check for discolorations resulting from persisting moisture. You can also find a hole by turning off light so that sunlight can enter through the hole and give you an indication of water leakage. Keep buckets under the water dripping to protect the flooring and ground.

Fast fixing of a roof leak:

If you know that the reason for roof leaking is a hole you can place a galvanized sheet of 12 by 12 inches, which can be easily found at a hardware store. Place the metal flashing under the broken shingle so it can cover the hole. Although it is not the permanent solution yet for a fast fix, it can be a good option.

Repair for a missing shingle:

If you find any shingle lying in the garden, there is a high probability that the next thunderstorm will send an enormous amount of water in your house through the missing shingle. Never think for a second to buy shingle (even you don’t have a perfect match for that or not) and nail it.

Replace the asphalt shingles:

You can use the flat end of a pry bar to lift the damaged shingle, so its sealer strip becomes free.

Now you have to remove the exposed nails with the help of pry bar or claw hammer.

When you have removed a significant portion of damaged shingle, now pull the remaining material and altogether remove the shingle.

Now secure the new shingle on this place with sealing strip and nails. Make sure you have correctly aligned the shingle before securing it with pins. When there are more than one shingles damaged by a hail storm or from a broken branch of a tree, you must remove the full section and replace it with new material. You can approach this site for calculation of stuff you will need during the procedure.

Tools necessary for replacement of shingles:

  • You will need a flat pry bar which will cost only 5 to 10 dollars, price entirely depending upon the quality.
  • Roofing hammer is a must; you can buy it for 7 to 40 dollars maximum also depends upon the quality.
  • A box of roofing nails which can cost up to 4 to 10 dollars
  • Bundle of good quality shingles having close resemblance in design and colour to the damaged ones.


You must replace the shingles if they are older than 15 years because they will lose their durability in the next years.

You must think to replace the entire section of shingles if the damage is more than 30-40%, instead of replacing individual shingles. 50 to 70% of the shingles damage is the result of a fallen tree. 35% of damage occurs as a result of a hail storm.

Moreover, the combination of old and new shingles is not a good idea; you can get better protection with an entire area of new shingles as compared to a blend of shingles with old and new ones.


Rooftop with asphalt shingles helps to protect the sheathing and infrastructure of the house. Sometimes they get damaged by direct sunlight, hail-storm, rainfalls, and basketball. These damaged shingles can result in making leakage point for entry of water to cause extensive damage either to the walls or underlying furniture. Therefore it is essential to repair or replace the damaged shingles by the methods as mentioned earlier so you can keep your house safe from the harsh effects of rain and thunderstorm. Better to consult a Roofing company for proper guidance if you are not aware of the appropriate technique. We can repair and replace the entire rooftop for our clients in advance to arrange color matched shingles of beautiful color and designs.

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