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Architectural Shingles or 3 Tab Shingles?what to choose?

There is the various option of Asphalt shingles are available for the homeowner. Apparently, all shingles look the same, but there is a difference in style and type. The design color of the shingles is heavily dependent on the weather and climate of the state. For instance, in Michigan State, the dark color shingles suit more because of the cooler weather. Dark color shingles absorb the heat of the sun and maintain the heat of the house. However, excellent ventilation is good for all climates. Different types of shingles have various advantages and disadvantages.

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Architectural Shingle

This is a unique shape shingle and gives a wooden look to the walls. Other than the aesthetics, architectural shingles are long-lasting due to its long-lasting benefits. The advantages of architectural shingle are as follows.

  1. Architectural shingle is long lasting as compare to 3-tab shingles and have longer warranties as well. There is no durability issue due to the thickness of the material.
  2. It is wind resistant and survives in the heavy storm of USA states. Its structure and thickness of material make it heat resistant.
  3. It is perfectly installed then; it enhances the value of the home because it is preferable over, 3 tab shingle due to its aesthetics and design as well.

Besides the benefits, it has the number of disadvantages as well. The cons of the Architectural shingles are as follows

  1. It carries more weight than 3-tab shingles and not suitable for those houses who have not the ability to carry weight.
  2. It is more costly than 3-tab shingles. The people move towards the 3-tab shingles due to its cost advantage.


3-tab shingles

3-tab shingles are less costly as compare to others. Although, it is not durable as compare to the Architectural shingles because of the lightweight material but most popular material in the USA due to its cheap rates. Besides the advantage, the 3-tab shingle is less thick than others and needs a replacement and modification after a short period of time. Moreover, its flat structure low down its value and people can prefer architectural shingles which are dimensional in nature. Due to its old fashioned and traditional design, it is less popular in the USA. However, it is still in frequent use in some of the states of the USA such as the Michigan State.


Both of the shingles have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the design and style are only available in Asphalt, and there are a number of services in the USA who got a highly skilled professional for the installation of both type of shingles. The team of experts guide you about the current styles and design of roofing and suggest the roof design according to the house structure. The selection of material and design depends on the priority of the house owner

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